Wednesday, 6 July 2011


My email account and facebook account were both hacked yesterday at 2pm UK time and although I later regained control of both accounts they have again been hacked and now with Facebook I have to wait 24 hours to retry to gain back access. Was this just a case of random hacking? Was I just an unlucky victim of the current Internet craze of identity theft? The answer to both those questions is no it was in fact the case of a seriously disturbed person seeking revenge on me and a new special friend of mine for being well simply special friends as bizarre as that sounds so I would recommend anyone receiving messages on Facebook or emails from me in the last 24 hours to delete them as they were as I said sent by someone else.

I hope to have this all cleared up in the next day or two and put the madness once and for all behind me but I don't quite know how long this game of hacking is going to persist. Anyone wanting to contact me can do so here in my comments for this blog entry in the meantime and I'll send my new interim email address info to you and I'll go into more details in a private email rather in such a public forum as this although trust in the fact I'd quite happily say what I thought of this person here but for the sake of all else involved I'll bite my tongue for now.

I guess at least one good thing has come from all this I have broken through my persistent writer's block I have had for the last month and now only have to find the time between trying to salvage my facebook profile and email contact lists to actually sit down and start to write again. I hope to start updating my blog more often again in the near future as apart from this nuisance I've been for the last few weeks really enjoying life for the first time in a long time all thanks to one person that I'll mention in the next blog post I would imagine. I would like to take this time to personally appologise to anyone who may have been sent disgustingly offensive emails from my email they were not written by me but as this is a person hellbent on messing with my life by taking it out on my friends I feel very responsible for any distraught caused to you or anybody else who read the email.

Thanking You
The Housebound Writer


  1. Oh dear, I feel so bad for you. Email me with your new email addy when you get a chance. :-)


  2. Hi Ursa, I'll email it to you right now and I hope you didn't get any weird messages sent to you my friend I'm completely embarassed by the whole thing.


  3. Oh, man...that happened to me too! My e-mail got phished of something like that. People got all kinds of crap mails from my account. Hope it has been fixed by now. Andrew! Mate, i have a challenge for you. Visit my blog to see what it is. ;)

  4. Hey Tim, I had to set up a new fb page and new email account the others are still being used and I haven't had any luck in closing them down unfortunately I actually know who is doing it which makes it even more annoying for me. I'll take up that great challenge in the next 10 days or so my friend and thanks for putting me on your list.