Thursday, 28 April 2011

Writing by the Housebound Writer

It struck me the other day that I haven't placed much in the way of writing samples on the blog for a while so I decided to place this opening paragraph from a story I'm working on up here. It's probably a strange sample to post but I am working on it right now so I felt it was somewhat relevant. I'm currently researching and developing the idea for television and am just exploring the character and concept a little by writing it in this form before I get down to the nitty gritty of writing the pilot episode. I have become extremely interested of late in the possibilities that the small screen opens up to a writer. You get to really delve into characters in more exciting ways and in much more depth than a 2 hour movie could ever allow. Anyhoo if you are new to this blog don't expect greatness off the bat I am a mediocre writer at best this is just a small snippet of what is to come as I am still researching all the ins and outs and haven't settled on certain aspects yet.
Burden- The Princess and The Frog

Is a cup ever truly half empty or half full or is it just a fine line between happiness and desolation? Is the future written in stone or is it just written on the sand with the tide rushing in? At first the darkness would only occupy Connor Song’s soul for the briefest of time after he entered its world to find the truth but of late the darkness had eclipsed the light and his escape window had been trickier to locate once on the inside but alas his burden wouldn’t allow him to hide from destiny and destiny was calling him ever so loud and ever so very clear. It had been four days since little Rosie Miller vanished while walking home from primary school. She had made that very trip home many times before always accompanied by her best friend Talia Walker and Talia’s sweet natured and soft spoken grandmother but on that fated day Rosie made the short trip home alone and home escaped her but she didn’t escape her captor for that Connor was sure and now her pink princess bedroom is haunted by the vulgar silence where once child’s laughter danced merrily. Connor watched as the sun danced through the tree branches overhead as the taxi he occupied travelled along the picturesque suburban street on that early autumn day. A leaf flirted with the wind and finally made its descent to the pavement below to rest alongside its family. Connor lost in thought seemed lost in another world entirely to the bemused taxi driver as he turned to gather his well-deserved fare from the C list celebrity seated behind him. Connor without being prompted or told of the price for his journey handed a bundle of folded notes over to his bewildered driver and gave him that nod that all taxi drivers hope for the nod that says keep the change.

Thanking you
The Housebound Writer

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Me an award? You're joking right???

I was given this award by Johnny Madrid aka Tim E. who writes an awe inspiring blog that you can find by following this link: Just Johnny...  and I can't thank him enough for it. I don't exactly win a lot of awards for anything let alone this oddball collection of ramblings and scribbles I call a blog so I am very thankful indeed. Now there are some rules to receiving this award you give a thanks and a link back to the person who gave it too you (which goes without saying) you also have to share 7 things about yourself (I'll get to that in a bit), award 5-15 other bloggers yourself and of course contact them and tell them of their award.

I didn't have to give to much thought to who I would in turn give this award too so here are the people receiving this award from me in no particular order...

Linda Martin    
Aheila the Writeaholic
Jeremy Janson
Ursa Hawthorne
Sam Bowron

OK so 7 random facts about me this will be hard to think of stuff I haven't already written on one of these 70+ blog posts so far but here goes nothing...

1. I have lived in the UK all my life (best part of 30 years) and I have only visited London once and it was for a football game this year strangely it was a Scotland game why it wasn't played in Scotland I have no idea.
2. Ironically as a guy who stands anywhere between 6'6" and 6'8" depending on how bad my back is hurting me I have a problem with heights I don't like them be it on a ladder or high building I don't like it at all haha.
3. I am a diehard Airdrie United Football fan but have been to so few games over the last five seasons I feel like a fraud for saying so.
4. As a writer I find writing about dark subject matter much easier than anything else so either I'm nuts or I just have a good imagination........ I think I may be nuts haha.
5. For my work experience placement at high school I spent a week working at my local newspaper learning everything from reporting to printing and loved every minute of it.
6. In the last 6 months I was assigned to write a web series but after seeing the poorly executed 8 minute pilot episode I had my writing credit changed from Andrew Carson to Randal Fleming Jr. to try and distance myself from it but saying that if a second series goes into pre pro Randal will be happy to return to writing duties for a rewarding fee.
7. I am planning to either make it or break from it this year when it comes to my writing. If I don't sell something before the end of the year I will find some other kind of profession and just write as a hobby. No pressure then on me to succeed huh? haha.

Thanking you
The Housebound Writer

Friday, 15 April 2011

So Many Trailers So Little Time

Hopefully this will work and post on the 15th I say hopefully coz I haven't ever done this before I always just post when I've written it so there is a good chance I'll come back to no update on the blog haha. I have put together a slightly weird concoction of trailers here but they all seem to be very interesting film projects and I'm interested to see how they pan out as movies. Water For Elephants is based on a best selling novel so the filmmakers were handed the task of having to keep an entire audience of book lovers happy while cutting enough out so they weren't left with a 12 hour film. Legend of The Fist: The Return Of Chen Zhen is a film I have been waiting for since I heard it was going into production. Donnie Yen is either incredibly brave or incredibly crazy to try and fill the shoes of Bruce Lee but I believe if we all put the Lee film to the back of our minds we will be amazed with the martial arts skills of Yen and the awesome stunt work showcased in this film. There Be Dragons is a film I had heard nothing about until I saw this trailer and to be honest I watched the trailer expecting there to be some freaking dragons in it but this title refers to something else and going by the trailer this looks quite a polished piece of film making that will be well worth a look. Lastly we have The Troll Hunter I had seen this trailer a while back so I don't know if it has already been released in the US or in the UK for that matter I just really liked the documentary style it is shot in which is old hat for horror films now Blair Witch springs to mind but I really like the way this looks.

Thanking You
The Housebound Writer

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Holiday Countdown

I'm heading for sunnier climes on Monday as I'm heading to Majorca for 10 days with my Brother and my Dad for some relaxation and drinking and sightseeing and drinking and well you get the picture. So If you don't hear from me for a while don't worry I aint dead more likely slightly drunk and/or sightseeing. My family have had a holiday apartment on the island for 26 years maybe more so we’ve been a lot but we like the culture the people are friendly and the food is great and the weather is definitely an improvement on the weather back home here in rain soaked Scotland but saying that I wouldn’t live anywhere else I love my Country to much to leave it I wouldn’t leave even for a Hollywood career and that is the God’s honest truth.

In other news my sitcom pilot script has entered the usual re-write phase which means I’m both excited and incredibly irritated by it at the same time. Annoyingly this should be the fun part of writing as the shape is there and it’s just about trimming the fat off but by the re-write stage my brain has always already moved on to getting excited about some other project it wants me to undertake and it always tricks me by making it seem so much more appealing haha well this time I am not going to let myself get distracted I owe it to myself to stay focused as I think this may be my best script in years at least the most commercially friendly script i.e. the one most likely to sell as I don’t think my dream A and D trilogy will ever make it to the silver screen and for the people in the know who have read any of those scripts they will know why haha very, very curse heavy and very, very Scottish in humour.

Some people would argue my best script ever may have been my take on the video game Resident Evil a lot of people I showed that script to really seemed to flip out over it and stated it would have made for a better film than what was made but maybe my best script is my other TV venture called Bureau that is truly all kidding aside my dream project and the one thing I have written I would do almost anything to get put on screen. I had logos, mouse mats, cups, posters and all sorts of merchandise made up for this project as I was writing it I even considered having some models made for it as I truly believe this is a project with “hit” written all over it that is of course my opinion but I have so much passion for this project it is evident on each and every page there are so many subtle nuances and character traits sprinkled throughout even characters that appear for a brief scene have extensive backstories written for them even the characters that would be played by extras I really went that anal about the whole thing haha.

Anyhoo as I was saying before I began to ramble on about whatever I was rambling about I will be away for a week and a bit so there won’t be any posts unless I manage to put together some trailer posts to be posted up on certain days when I’m away which is something I would like to do but I don’t know if I will have the time to do so.

Thanking You

The Housebound Writer

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Some More Movie Trailers

Hopefully the blog won't jump the shark with me posting more movie trailers up so soon after the last lot but I have been having a break from writing to pursue an other more personal "venture" shall we say instead. Anyhoo I think these trailers look very interesting and there should be something to suit everybody's taste in film.


I have it on pretty good authority that this picture sees Uma Thurman's return to form as an actress after some not so good film roles as of late.

Fast 5

I can't believe this franchise got to a fourth sequel when the first film had no plot whatsoever but if Adrenalin fueled action flicks is your cup of tea (it is mine from time to time) then this looks promising especially with the added casting of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

Larry Crowne

This sees Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts reunite on screen in what is rumoured to be an excellent piece of movie making. Hanks is always watchable I find even in his less that great films so this has great potential for making the top 10 of 2011 list.

The Smurfs

Usually I wouldn't bother with a film like this but as I'm in a very good mood I thought it would be funny to put it up here, haha, I'm sure if you have kids of a certain age they will want to see this film and they will probably love it.

The Conspirator

This has Oscar buzz written all over it so it surprises me that it is being released this early in the year. James McAvoy's stock in Hollywood is really on the rise these days with X-Men First Class coming out soon also which is funny if you think it was only a few years ago he was in Channel 4 show Shameless as one of the secondary characters.

Thanking you
The Housebound Writer