Saturday, 2 April 2011

Some More Movie Trailers

Hopefully the blog won't jump the shark with me posting more movie trailers up so soon after the last lot but I have been having a break from writing to pursue an other more personal "venture" shall we say instead. Anyhoo I think these trailers look very interesting and there should be something to suit everybody's taste in film.


I have it on pretty good authority that this picture sees Uma Thurman's return to form as an actress after some not so good film roles as of late.

Fast 5

I can't believe this franchise got to a fourth sequel when the first film had no plot whatsoever but if Adrenalin fueled action flicks is your cup of tea (it is mine from time to time) then this looks promising especially with the added casting of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

Larry Crowne

This sees Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts reunite on screen in what is rumoured to be an excellent piece of movie making. Hanks is always watchable I find even in his less that great films so this has great potential for making the top 10 of 2011 list.

The Smurfs

Usually I wouldn't bother with a film like this but as I'm in a very good mood I thought it would be funny to put it up here, haha, I'm sure if you have kids of a certain age they will want to see this film and they will probably love it.

The Conspirator

This has Oscar buzz written all over it so it surprises me that it is being released this early in the year. James McAvoy's stock in Hollywood is really on the rise these days with X-Men First Class coming out soon also which is funny if you think it was only a few years ago he was in Channel 4 show Shameless as one of the secondary characters.

Thanking you
The Housebound Writer


  1. "The Conspirator" AND "X-Men" - all full of the lovely James McAvoy! I see two trips to the local theatre in my future.

  2. Hi Ursa, I have been told by someone who’s opinion on films I completely trust that the Conspirator is an outstanding film and James McAvoy is at his all-time best as an actor in it so it should be well worth the cinema visit my friend.

  3. You sound positive Andrew. I like that. Plus, you are concentrating on some secret venture. Is 2011, going to be the year we plant the seeds of our success? I surely hope so. Time for us to be on top for a change. I want to see "Fast 5". I've been watching too many heavy films these past couple of years. I want some low plot, heavy action flick. Good luck with everything my friend!

  4. Hey Tim, I think it's our time to shine my friend 2011 is our year. I know what you mean I've watched a lot of really high quality but heavy dramas recently so Fast 5 will be a welcome break as it's always great to just chill out and watch some stuff blow up.