Thursday, 7 April 2011

Holiday Countdown

I'm heading for sunnier climes on Monday as I'm heading to Majorca for 10 days with my Brother and my Dad for some relaxation and drinking and sightseeing and drinking and well you get the picture. So If you don't hear from me for a while don't worry I aint dead more likely slightly drunk and/or sightseeing. My family have had a holiday apartment on the island for 26 years maybe more so we’ve been a lot but we like the culture the people are friendly and the food is great and the weather is definitely an improvement on the weather back home here in rain soaked Scotland but saying that I wouldn’t live anywhere else I love my Country to much to leave it I wouldn’t leave even for a Hollywood career and that is the God’s honest truth.

In other news my sitcom pilot script has entered the usual re-write phase which means I’m both excited and incredibly irritated by it at the same time. Annoyingly this should be the fun part of writing as the shape is there and it’s just about trimming the fat off but by the re-write stage my brain has always already moved on to getting excited about some other project it wants me to undertake and it always tricks me by making it seem so much more appealing haha well this time I am not going to let myself get distracted I owe it to myself to stay focused as I think this may be my best script in years at least the most commercially friendly script i.e. the one most likely to sell as I don’t think my dream A and D trilogy will ever make it to the silver screen and for the people in the know who have read any of those scripts they will know why haha very, very curse heavy and very, very Scottish in humour.

Some people would argue my best script ever may have been my take on the video game Resident Evil a lot of people I showed that script to really seemed to flip out over it and stated it would have made for a better film than what was made but maybe my best script is my other TV venture called Bureau that is truly all kidding aside my dream project and the one thing I have written I would do almost anything to get put on screen. I had logos, mouse mats, cups, posters and all sorts of merchandise made up for this project as I was writing it I even considered having some models made for it as I truly believe this is a project with “hit” written all over it that is of course my opinion but I have so much passion for this project it is evident on each and every page there are so many subtle nuances and character traits sprinkled throughout even characters that appear for a brief scene have extensive backstories written for them even the characters that would be played by extras I really went that anal about the whole thing haha.

Anyhoo as I was saying before I began to ramble on about whatever I was rambling about I will be away for a week and a bit so there won’t be any posts unless I manage to put together some trailer posts to be posted up on certain days when I’m away which is something I would like to do but I don’t know if I will have the time to do so.

Thanking You

The Housebound Writer


  1. Hope you've had a great vacation! Soaking up some of that sun. You've earned it my friend.

    Ah, the rewrite. I love rewriting the script! Only than you can see the things that don't work, change stuff around, it's a lot like puzzling. Some scenes work so well on it's own but no with the overall story, i hate taking those out...but you know what they say, 'kill your darlings'. Good luck with the script!

    Dude, seriously? You've written a Resident Evil script?! I'd love to read that! Resident Evil is my sh*t! I hate the Paul W.S. versions with a passion. I'd love to read it if you still have it!

    I salute you sir! Have a great day! :)

  2. Hi Tim, I'll check to see if I can find it on one of my old recordable CDs and send you a copy if I find it my friend I'd love to get your insight into what I did with it if you are such a big fan of Resident Evil and yeah I agree the Paul W. S. version was weak film making. I found quite a few wee scenes that work great on their own but not in context with the rest of the sitcom script so I'm keeping them for a later episode hopefully.