Friday, 30 April 2010

Thor Revealed

First pic of Chris Hemsworth from the Thor movie has been released and as a fan of this Marvel character I'm extremely jubilant about the fact that he appears to be wearing his legendary original or close enough to his original costume. Kenneth Branagh is definitely taking this franchise in the right direction I may have to brave the cinema for this one. With a cast including Anthony Hopkins as Odin, Tom Hiddleston as Loki, Ray Stevenson as Volstagg and Natalie Portman as Jane Foster this is shaping up to give Iron-Man a run for it’s money at the box office.

First pic of Chris Hemsworth from the Thor movie has been released and as a fan of this Marvel character I'm extremely jubilant about the fact that he appears to be wearing his legendary original or close enough to his original costume. Kenneth Branagh is definitely taking this franchise in the right direction I may have to brave the cinema for this one. With a cast including Anthony Hopkins as Odin, Tom Hiddleston as Loki, Ray Stevenson as Volstagg and Natalie Portman as Jane Foster this is shaping up to give Iron-Man a run for it’s money at the box office.

Sour Note

It's been awhile since I last posted a new Blog here's why. About a week ago I had one of my seizures nothing new there I have up to four or five in a day at times but this one was a little different. This time when I collapsed I caved in the top of my PC and left a rather large puddle of blood upon it. I came too to find family members crowded around me with looks of horror on their faces as I had a pretty deep laceration on my forehead which took about five minutes and two or three facecloths too stop the bleeding enough to apply a bandage to it.

This however wasn't the worst of it, my computer had experienced a power surge at some point during all this and the next day when I turned it on it wouldn't start up. Now it's been to PC World and back four times trying to get it fixed and I have a funny feeling it's not going to make it and I'll be stung for another PC and as a housebound writer and an unemployed one at that it is not a particularly good feeling to have.

Anyhoo that catches us up for now Housebound Writer bidding you adieu.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

At the Future movies

With the future of MGM still uncertain, James Bond producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli have suspended development on the next James Bond film previously scheduled for release in 2011/2012. "Due to the continuing uncertainty surrounding the future of MGM and the failure to close a sale of the studio, we have suspended development on Bond 23 indefinitely. We do not know when development will resume and do not have a date for the release of Bond 23." Stated Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli jointly.

With Bond 22 grossing $586million dollars Worldwide the Bond franchise is definitely a crown jewel of the MGM library and who ever gains control of the studio will no doubt push forward with the next installment as soon as the ink is dry on the paperwork. The only question is will Daniel Craig still be Bond if this takes too long?
Scream 4 will go into production in May 2010 and is scheduled for a 15th of April 2011 release date. Little is known about the production except that Wes Craven is set to direct and the script was once again penned by Kevin Williamson. As regards to casting Neve Campbell, David Arquette and Courtney Cox Arquette are scheduled to return with rumours of Neve's character biting it at the opening of the movie like Drew Barrymore's did in the original. Other rumours have Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg being cast but with the production only a month away this would have been confirmed by now. Many may question the need for a Scream 4 but with the first Scream grossing $162 million dollars Worldwide and it's two sequels grossing $172 and $152 million dollars the franchise has always delivered the big bucks for the studio.


This is a project the Farrelly Brothers have been trying to get made for many years and it has eventually crept closer to being realized with the casting of Sean Penn as Larry and Benicio Del Toro as Moe with these two Hollywood heavy hitters attached surely it's a done deal? Well no the movie has been on hold since January and the Farrelly's have various other projects further along the development stage an example would be Hall Pass which has Owen Wilson, Alyssa Milano, Christina Applegate and Jenna Fischer attached. I read a copy of the Farrelly Brothers Three Stooges script online about two years ago and it's a shame that it's not been put into production as it is a great script, the best they have ever written.

Friday, 16 April 2010

Change from norm

Four Walls is a short story I'm working on which blends personal experience with aspects of horror to create hopefully an exciting story.

Four Walls by Andrew G. Carson

The devil hoards my soul in a decanter and when the hankering takes him fiendishly he steals a dram form it's neck. Each dram brings him closer to desperation and me that little bit closer to being left an emptying shell of faded whispers of a forgotten existence. When my essence has been vanquished by his unquenchable thirst in a drunken mist filled craze he will choose, he will choose his next victim form an incessant list of sinners and fallen saints.

These discarded thoughts were those of James Leach, a thirty five year old recluse who often finds such contemplations pass by his intellectual radar in moments of depression and such moments were now more recurrent than ever. James a sufferer of an undiagnosed illness which has had the best and brightest neurologists, neuropsychologists and general practitioners baffled for the past thirteen and a half years all of which James was finding very tiresome to say the least.

Ever since the night of the accident, the night that changed his life and his mental acumen for the worse. That night thirteen years, seven months, twenty two days, eighteen minutes and thirteen seconds ago. A night he will never forget no matter what mental debilitating illnesses old age ravages upon him and no matter how hard he tries.

The night began like any other James was heading off to study at the local library after hours, a fringe benefit of being the son of the librarian which had come in handy all the way through school and now as he attended University. It was also beneficial as being the son of the librarian James often guilt tripped his mother into reserving new releases of popular horror fiction most notably the work of local writer Bradley M. Hawks (a man that a young James on more than one occasion had found himself following around town bewildered by his knowledge of the occult and the creatures of the night) for him to collect after school and now as he had gotten older after University.

He left his then student digs with the latest Bradley M. Hawks novel tucked under his arm and headed into town walking as he so liked to do, James' father liked to remind him "If God intended us to drive everywhere he would have given us wheels instead of feet and a v6 engine instead of a bum hole". As a bairn James thought his father to be slightly screwy in this regard but as he had gotten older he came to share in his father's thinking.

There was a definite chill in the air and an unearthly stillness like you would only find standing in the the eye of a tornado but alas he reminded himself this was a Scottish residential street he found himself walking along not the dusty highways of Kansas or any of those other twister seized States , no the only thing likely to whiz by your head here was a nedish midgey or a discarded chip poke lost in the wind.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Blog 3 This means war

Blog 3 finds me in that most troubling of periods in writing not staring down a blank page but at page 56 and questioning all that has gone before. I find myself in this situation for one reason and one reason only I didnae bother my a**e tae research anything that I was writing about instead opting to head straight in and just wing it, big f***ing mistake cause three weeks down the line and I've got a massive case of writer's block.

As usual I decided to remedy this by loading up Itunes and scouring the various audiobooks to find something anything to pass the time and to steal my attention away from the white that follows the inevitably p^^s pour first draft of a winged script and maybe stave off my depression for an hour or eight. I'm glad to say it did in the form of a Bill Shatner autobiography read by the man himself and f***ing hilarity ensued.

As I lay on my bed listening to da man speak his words of wisdom(?)I slowly but surely forgot about that cack script that had taken three weeks of my life and then p***ed all over my hope and laughed my fat a***e off while the one and only Captain Kirk talked some funny and at times heart warming s**t. Anyhoo that's enough of that Housebound Writer signing out.

Blog 2 Blog harder

And the director of the Avengers movie is?????? Joss Whedon?

Mike Fleming of Deadline New York is reporting that Joss Whedon The writer, creator of Buffy the vampire slayer, Angel, Firefly and Dollhouse is in final negotiations to direct THE AVENGERS. The Avengers movie is a major motion picture and in my opinion Joss Whedon may have been successful on the small screen but with Serenity the only good big screen outing from him (and it looked and played out like a TV movie at times) he is not the right man for such an important job. This after all is a movie Marvel have been teasing since Sam Jackson's Nick Fury cameo'd in Ironman.

If he were to fall short, the Marvel Studios brand could be irrevocably diminished. Another challenge for Whedon is with Chris Evans cast as Captain America the biggest star in the movie Sam Jackson aside is Robert Downey Jr. which would lead to him inevitably becoming the main protagonist with the other Avengers playing second fiddle. This needs to be a true ensemble effort if anyone leads the team, it should be Captain America.

Nothing is known about the script (Nick Fury allegedly plays a significant role in the narrative), the studio could put pressure on Zak Penn to beef up Downey Jr's role before the film goes before the cameras in early 2011. As much as I love the first Iron man movie and can't wait to see the second (have to wait for DVD release in UK) I'd rather the Avengers movie showcased the battling egos of the Avengers and eventual realisation that they are stronger as a unit than this basically be Iron man 3. Also cast someone cool as Henry Pym not an annoying so called comedy actor for f**ks sake.

Director of choice as I am busy being not busy would be Peter Jackson or Jon Favreau as they know how to handle a story of such immensity.

Sorry to p**s and moan but that's how the housebound writer fills in the long, long Scottish days 'n' nights.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Blog 1

First blog and as a person seeking to make an income as a writer you wouldn't believe how many freakin' times I've deleted and backtracked while trying to come up with an opening line and this, THIS!!! Is the best I could do, no wonder Hollywood isn't breaking down my front door. Yeah well anyhoo my name is Andrew G. Carson and as the title of this blog suggests I am in fact housebound.

You may wonder how a twenty hmm hmm came to be housebound well screw you, you nosy bast.. Just kidding I'll tell yah sometime about seven and a half maybe eight years ago I started suffering from blackouts I would literally be walking around or just talking to someone and the next thing I knew I'm lying on the ground crowd gathering round me not knowing what the hell's going on.

Ever since I've been having them multiple times a week sometimes multiple times a day with every time knocking seven bells out of me cause if you hadn't noticed from the pic I'm a big chap I mean real big and every time I hit the ground I hit hard- bruises, broken bones, concussions and scars to prove it. I've seen many specialists in many medical fields and I've been diagnosed with everything from epilepsy (and medicated for 4 years) to now post traumatic stress disorder and I'm awaiting an appointment to see the next quack to find out his/her diagnosis, probably to be sent to another quack after his/her draws a cacking blank.

Enough of the back story already I'm also an avid writer of screenplays and short stories (some of which are short cause I never finished them) and hopefully when right medication is found and blackouts stop I can chase my dream of selling one of my spec scripts either down south (London) or over the pond (Hollywood). That's enough crap spouted for one blog, I hoped to keep this short and sweet don't know if that was accomplished got a feeling it wasnae but that's the life of a housebound writer.