Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Blog 3 This means war

Blog 3 finds me in that most troubling of periods in writing not staring down a blank page but at page 56 and questioning all that has gone before. I find myself in this situation for one reason and one reason only I didnae bother my a**e tae research anything that I was writing about instead opting to head straight in and just wing it, big f***ing mistake cause three weeks down the line and I've got a massive case of writer's block.

As usual I decided to remedy this by loading up Itunes and scouring the various audiobooks to find something anything to pass the time and to steal my attention away from the white that follows the inevitably p^^s pour first draft of a winged script and maybe stave off my depression for an hour or eight. I'm glad to say it did in the form of a Bill Shatner autobiography read by the man himself and f***ing hilarity ensued.

As I lay on my bed listening to da man speak his words of wisdom(?)I slowly but surely forgot about that cack script that had taken three weeks of my life and then p***ed all over my hope and laughed my fat a***e off while the one and only Captain Kirk talked some funny and at times heart warming s**t. Anyhoo that's enough of that Housebound Writer signing out.

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