Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Blog 1

First blog and as a person seeking to make an income as a writer you wouldn't believe how many freakin' times I've deleted and backtracked while trying to come up with an opening line and this, THIS!!! Is the best I could do, no wonder Hollywood isn't breaking down my front door. Yeah well anyhoo my name is Andrew G. Carson and as the title of this blog suggests I am in fact housebound.

You may wonder how a twenty hmm hmm came to be housebound well screw you, you nosy bast.. Just kidding I'll tell yah sometime about seven and a half maybe eight years ago I started suffering from blackouts I would literally be walking around or just talking to someone and the next thing I knew I'm lying on the ground crowd gathering round me not knowing what the hell's going on.

Ever since I've been having them multiple times a week sometimes multiple times a day with every time knocking seven bells out of me cause if you hadn't noticed from the pic I'm a big chap I mean real big and every time I hit the ground I hit hard- bruises, broken bones, concussions and scars to prove it. I've seen many specialists in many medical fields and I've been diagnosed with everything from epilepsy (and medicated for 4 years) to now post traumatic stress disorder and I'm awaiting an appointment to see the next quack to find out his/her diagnosis, probably to be sent to another quack after his/her draws a cacking blank.

Enough of the back story already I'm also an avid writer of screenplays and short stories (some of which are short cause I never finished them) and hopefully when right medication is found and blackouts stop I can chase my dream of selling one of my spec scripts either down south (London) or over the pond (Hollywood). That's enough crap spouted for one blog, I hoped to keep this short and sweet don't know if that was accomplished got a feeling it wasnae but that's the life of a housebound writer.

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