Wednesday, 14 April 2010

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And the director of the Avengers movie is?????? Joss Whedon?

Mike Fleming of Deadline New York is reporting that Joss Whedon The writer, creator of Buffy the vampire slayer, Angel, Firefly and Dollhouse is in final negotiations to direct THE AVENGERS. The Avengers movie is a major motion picture and in my opinion Joss Whedon may have been successful on the small screen but with Serenity the only good big screen outing from him (and it looked and played out like a TV movie at times) he is not the right man for such an important job. This after all is a movie Marvel have been teasing since Sam Jackson's Nick Fury cameo'd in Ironman.

If he were to fall short, the Marvel Studios brand could be irrevocably diminished. Another challenge for Whedon is with Chris Evans cast as Captain America the biggest star in the movie Sam Jackson aside is Robert Downey Jr. which would lead to him inevitably becoming the main protagonist with the other Avengers playing second fiddle. This needs to be a true ensemble effort if anyone leads the team, it should be Captain America.

Nothing is known about the script (Nick Fury allegedly plays a significant role in the narrative), the studio could put pressure on Zak Penn to beef up Downey Jr's role before the film goes before the cameras in early 2011. As much as I love the first Iron man movie and can't wait to see the second (have to wait for DVD release in UK) I'd rather the Avengers movie showcased the battling egos of the Avengers and eventual realisation that they are stronger as a unit than this basically be Iron man 3. Also cast someone cool as Henry Pym not an annoying so called comedy actor for f**ks sake.

Director of choice as I am busy being not busy would be Peter Jackson or Jon Favreau as they know how to handle a story of such immensity.

Sorry to p**s and moan but that's how the housebound writer fills in the long, long Scottish days 'n' nights.

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