Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Be late to post

I meant to post this up yesterday but got caught up with talking to friends I hadn't talked to for a few days. I was at the Scotland Brazil footie game in London and have to say it was a great atmosphere at Arsenal's park. Everywhere you went Scotland fans and Brazil fans were co-mingling taking pictures with each other and having a laugh and a sing song as well as a lot of beer, haha. The game itself didn't disappoint either Brazil showed their class from whistle to whistle but the Scots boys did their country proud hanging in there right up till the end and only conceding 2 goals. Here is a couple of pictures I took at the game.

Great view from the stand where we were seated.

Jimmy hats are being worn by my two brothers, haha, only us Scottish would find this a cool look.

I'll post other pictures up later when I recharge my phone. I never saw the incident that made the headlines and going by reports that are emerging the police have stated that the Tartan Army were superb in their behaviour with only a few arrests outside the ground for drunken disorderly, I know not how you tell who is too drunk to go to a footie game as everyone was wasted. I hope we get a chance to play Brazil again real soon and hopefully at Hampden Park it was great to see such illustrious players playing the beautiful game especially as I'm an Airdrie United fan we don't see household names at our games like that.

Thanking you
The Housebound Writer


  1. Great, excellent, awesome. Good to see you out and about. Enjoying the game, having a few laughs with your mates and Beer. That, my friend is what everyone needs once and awhile...especially, guys like us. ;)

  2. Hi Tim, you are so right because being stuck inside with to much time to think is dangerous for guys like us my friend I hope you had a great weekend too.