Friday, 5 August 2011

Movie Trailers: Or What A Lazy Guy Puts On His Blog!!!

With this likely to be the last Batman film with both Christopher Nolan & Christian Bale it looks like they are ending the trilogy with a bang. Hopefully they can build on the Dark Knight and create another exciting and dark tale to keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

This is one of those films that will either be a great thrill ride or a major flop only time will tell, I am hopeful with the cast involved, Statham, De Niro and Owen should spark off each other so could be a good flick.

I saw a trailer for this at the cinema recently and thought it looked.... well it looked like a good date movie not sure it would be a good film to just see with some buddies but as a date flick it looks not bad.

Another flick that would fall into the date flick category and another one that looks not to bad but there is always that feeling that all the best bits are in the trailer just like with Hangover 2 earlier in the year.

I'm going to be honest I thought this was a rib when I heard about a film based on the game Battleships but nope it got made and answers that question I've had for the longest time which was is there anything Hollywood won't make into a movie? Seemingly no there isn't.

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