Thursday, 22 July 2010

Guest Post

Well today's post will be a little break from the norm as it will be written by Ms. Emma Murty, I met Emma online at a discussion board about independent cinema where we discovered our mutual dislike for Paul WS Anderson films and his crazy fans, now Emma's never blogged before so go easy on her guys and all I can say is thank God for spell checker, lol.

Hello to you all,

With an introduction like that the only way for this to go is downhill fast ,lol, well some people who read this blog will know my name from the comments pages on here, discussion threads and an Interview on BlogCatalog but others won't so here's a quick bio for you. I'm Emma, I'm 21 years old, I hail from Hamilton Scotland, I'm the oldest of three sisters and I recently graduated from The Royal Glasgow Institute Of Fine Arts with a degree, yippee, and I'm a very good, good friend of the blog master himself Drew (DB) Carson the DB thing is a private joke don't worry if you don't get it. We talk everyday and share a lot of our lives together, hint, hint.

Now when he double dared me to write a blog post for him I of course said yes but then quickly found myself wondering "what the h*** will I write about?" I won't do the whole film reviewing thing justice compared to Drew and my life troubles are nothing compared to Drew's own so I thought maybe I'll just blabber on and hope at the end of it all something not to embarrassing or off putting to Drew's audience would be created. (wipes sweat from forehead) Man this is hard how do you guys do it?

The one thing I can definitely write about is art well art and coffee I love my coffee, lol, but I think I'll stick to art for now and in particular my photography. I've always had a camera in my hand as far back as I can remember and take my Canon Digital Rebel T2i everywhere I go because inspiration can grasp you anytime and you need to grab onto it.

These two are two of my favourites in my collection because I think there is real emotion on display well as close to real emotion as you can get out of an old boat and a deserted beach, ROTFL, but I think you guys know what I mean.

I always find that the hardest pictures to get right are nature pictures. You get very little time to line up the shot get the focus right and shoot (poor choice of words I know, lol) but they are so worth it when you get a good one.

I like to think these two represent hope and inspiration but I'm not quite sure if they pull it off (another poor choice of words, ROTFL) I think they are at least optimistic in concept and helped me gain that degree I mentioned as I turned both into paintings for my course.

These are two Glasgow landmarks, the one on the left is the S.E.C.C building where many concerts and shows are put on and to the right is the Clyde Arc or as it's affectionately known in Glasgow The Squinty Bridge. I just love the modern design of the bridge which is not far away from the classic sandstone buildings Glasgow is famous for, it truly can take your breath away at the right time of day.
I think I've taken up enough of Drew's blog now, hehe, hope this wasn't to painfully bad big man. I would like to thank everybody who reads this and please don't stop following this blog this was a one off trust me, lol, I'd also like to thank Drew this was actually really fun and I'm glad you talked me into it, I'll need to think of something to make it up to you (thinks hard, smiles) ROTFL, see you soon Drew.
Well let's hear it for Ms. Murty's very well written blog post and great pictures to go with it, we'll make a blogger out of you yet girl. I bet you used the spell checker almost as much as me though, am I right?........ Thought so.
Thanking you
The Housebound Writer


  1. Emma,

    You should completely have your own blog! Well done lady! I love the pictures of Glasgow. I can't wait until I am rich and famous and can travel.

    You know, if you ever want to do a guest post at my blog...hint..hint...

    Ok...I've rattled on enough. Love ya guys!

  2. Emma Murty23 July, 2010

    Hi Jazz,

    I'm definitely thinking about having my own blog but I'm thinking of having it just be a picture blog, lol. I'd love to post something on your blog as me and Drew tend to have very strange and funny times together, do you like the whole pretending to just be friends thing me and Drew do on the blog? ROTFL, it's like the worst kept secret in the World that we are dating.

  3. Just a thought I had but...I was thinking you could write about the first date from your point of view...How often do you get both stories? Anytime you guys want to send me a story let me know!

  4. Emma Murty23 July, 2010

    That sounds very interesting Jazz I'll get back to you on that, lol.

  5. Ut-oh, lol, nah honestly sounds like a good idea you should definitely do it Ems.

  6. Emma, your photos are breathtaking, lil sis!!! (I'm Emma's secret older sister that lives in the States. She only recently learned of me - like a couple of weeks ago). I am very impressed. Gorgeous work! I didn't realize you were a fellow photographer. You blow me out of the water, babes!!! I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get over here and read this but you did great!! Very proud of you. Loved the post and love you guys! DB - behave!!!

  7. These photos really are very nice. In the one about hope, using that sepia hue can be seen as giving it more of an inviting feel than if it were cold or more intense. By contrast the palette of the photo of the boat works the other way; including more of the beach might have, imo, emphasised an isolation about the boat, in an it's aged, battered, but still facing the elements sort of way. Also, the timing with the puffins turned out great. Beautiful work.

  8. Emma Murty24 July, 2010

    @Antonia- Hey my epic big sis, babes thank you that really means a lot to me to hear you liked them as I love the photos on your blog, and it's always great when your big sis gives you encouragement, lol.
    hahaha DB behave, ROTFL he‘s going to get you now he has a licence to kill after all, lol..

    @C.Bosco- Those were the same comments I got from my Art lecturer at university so I'm guessing you are an artist too, thank you for the compliments they were a real ego boost for me.

  9. Great photos and nice blog post, Emma. Aren't you in the blogging world??? Can't believe that. You should definitely give it a try. Kisses dear, and others to you, Andrew! Great to read a guest, too. =*

  10. Emma Murty25 July, 2010

    Thanks Kenia, Drew has shown me your blog and I love it, awesome poetry babes I’m blowing kisses right back to you.

  11. Hello hello!! Emma! You did a wonderful job! Just start typing! I do the same hehe.

    I love the pictures! You're very right tho, nature pictures are difficult, you need to snap the picture at the right time. Especially with animals. Landscapes...well they are just there hehe. I love the deserted beach and the old boat! Simply stunning!

    Soo keep us posted when you start your own blog okay ;)

    Ciao & waves to Andrew & Oscar!!

  12. Emma Murty26 July, 2010

    Hi TJ it's so amazing how friendly all you guys are Drew's very blessed to have this amount of friends, I really like your blog too and congrats on your bloging anniversary babes.

  13. Hi Emma:

    well that wasn't so bad was it? you come over really well, chatty and honest. Well done on the degree. Envious of your Puffin picture. I am a bit of a bird-watcher and would love to see Puffins in the wild. Off to Northumberland in September and may be lucky enough to see some. Otherwise, shall have to haul myself up to the Faroes - but then they would probably come with chips. ugh!