Sunday, 18 July 2010

Quote 1 Quote all

Recently I was called up on the fact I tend to use quotes a lot on discussion boards to enforce my point of view, to be honest I just use them cause they tend to come to mind at the time and I use them as a kind of title for my comment.

Now a lot of these quotes are from such greats as Plato, Confucius, Lao Tzu, Robert burns, Oscar Wilde and of course Billy Connolly but I also tend to throw a few of my own into the mix and I have decided to make a blog post out of them. Now I'm not a philosopher, great poet or a wondrously funny comedian but as a writer I find that opening myself up to writing different styles helps me in developing my own.
Now most of the sites out there with quotes on them tend to have photographs of amazingly beautiful far off locations to inspire the reader I'm going to go a slightly different way myself and showcase my home town Airdrie, Scotland to the World and maybe up it's profile a little and by little I mean little, lol.

I'll post the quotes and underneath I'll try to give a little info on the subject I used that quote for. "The bravest of them all is the one who asks for help the earliest."
This quote was one I came up with for a discussion on what gets in the way of people seeking help for depression, my opinion was it is often pride and/or lack of self worth.

"A minority is less in number but equal in value."
This is a quote I posted on a discussion thread that I found the author of to have a very bigoted view of minorities in his local area.
"Scotland is a land of faith, faith that the wind will always blow and the National team will always suck."
This was a quote I used for a sport thread, I thought it was quite funny at the time.

"To know the truth ask one friend to know a lie ask three more."
Now I'm not 100% sure this is one of my own but I used it to describe the difference between a true friend and Friends that will tell you what you want to hear.

"To trust another with the truth is to trust yourself with a lie."
I can't quite remember what this was used to represent on my part I remember I was feeling quite depressed when I wrote it.

"The bonnie heart, scented by the flower of spring beats in time with my fretful heart."
This one came from a challenge by a person who thought that no man would have the guts to post a romantic verse on that thread.
"Fortune is to some the frivolous fold of green and ink but to others the joy of a warm embrace."
This was a comment header on another blogger's blog post about greed.

"Scotland is a lot like Heaven, cloudy."
This was first used by me on a comedy thread about describing your Country or town.
"For each a new day and for each new day a smile."
This wasn't posted on any thread but instead on the comments page of a friend's blog where I was trying to cheer her up, I hope it worked.

"To Hope for sun is to ask for rain."
I used this on a discussion thread about people who never have enough and always want more.
I think that will be enough and I thank any who managed to read this far, I'll be getting back to my normal posts about movies and myself very soon, anyhoo....

Thanking You
The Housebound Writer


  1. Nice pictures. What is the bicycle one of?

    Liked the cloudy quote too :).

  2. Andrew-you definitely have a knack for the pithy and your own unique style. Hard to believe you have memory problems because you have such a quick wit and mind. I'm a sucker for any quote that mentions any aspect of Nature, so "The bonnie heart" quote and "To Hope for sun is to ask for rain" struck me immediately. But I also think the first one is particularly brilliant, and "For each a new day..." beautifully expressed and uplifting. Take care, my friend.

  3. Writing epigrams is definitely a great way to practice a side of writing that us blog writers seldom get to try. I love the pictures by the way, and Airdrie does look like a beautiful old town. My favorite quote was probably the one about faith! ;)

  4. Emma Murty20 July, 2010

    Hey Drew Bear you really should stop giving yourself such a hard time babes your the smartest guy I know and the cutest by far (winks) I like that romantic quote of your's the best, did you have any inspiration when thinking of it????(major blushing) Much love Emma♥♥♥♥