Friday, 7 January 2011

Kick-Ass for real!!!

Saw this video and thought it was worth sharing on here as it isn't everyday you see a guy dressed in a superhero costume fighting crime for real well unless you live in Seattle that is. Phoenix Jones says "when he walks into an area, criminals leave because they see the suit and do not want to take him on." And to be honest I can see why someone dressed like that is either bats**t crazy or a legit tough guy.

He has already managed to prevent one crim from jacking a car, the would-be victim, known only as Dan (don't know why), was walking back towards his car in the car park when he witnessed the thieving wee numpty with a metal strip trying to open his car door.
Dan commented: "He started sticking it down between the window and the rubber strip."

Dan realising what was going down began to call 911, but said help arrived before he even finished dialling. He continued: "From the right, this guy comes dashing in, wearing this skin-tight rubber, black and gold suit, and starts chasing him away."

And the story gets weirder as this guy ain't the only costumed vigilante roaming the streets of Seattle there are 8 other members of his crime fighting team who collectively are known as the 'Rain City Superhero Group'.

Phoenix when being interviewed by the CBS crew said "I symbolise that the average person doesn't have to walk around and see bad things and do nothing."

Even though he has been stabbed and threatened with a gun many times while out patrolling he seems unwavering in his commitment to battling crime which makes him pretty cool in my book if a little nuts but hey who isn't nuts these days?

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  1. Hey Andrew! It's great to see stuff like that happening in my hometown, not that I'm surprised. The Northwest has the highest rate of millitary accolodation in the United States.

  2. Hey Jeremy, It’s always great to hear from you. I loved this story although I read afterwards he had suffered some injuries after the article in an attack but I think as crazy as it sounds people will feel safer with guys like this out there as a lot of people have lost trust in law enforcement.