Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Doodles and Time Loss

I haven't been keeping to well the last couple of weeks hence the gap between blog posts and as I haven't been well I have fell behind on writing assignments and pet projects of mine which is really annoying me so all I have to show for the last two weeks are a couple of doodles I did for a laugh one night when I couldn't sleep. So here they are hope you enjoy them.

First up is my attempt to draw Sir Sean Connery which I think bares a slight resemblance to the great man at best.

Next up is my poor attempt at drawing the King of rock 'n' roll Elvis Presley which didn't go quite as well as I'd hoped for if I'm honest with you, haha.

Anyhoo I hope you guys get at least a laugh out of how bad they are haha and hopefully I'll be back with some more updates on my writing projects on the next blog post.

Thanking you
The Housebound Writer


  1. Sorry to hear that you haven't been well. I know how it can be - low energy, all that. Hope you feel better soon. I've been writing a fair bit of my script - Act I, so am getting into the swing of things.


  2. Hi Ursa,
    Great to hear from you and thanks for the well wishes. It's great to hear you are progressing so rapidly with your script and I hope to hear from you soon my friend.


  3. Keep your chin up mate. I haven't been doing too well either but, i'm fighting that dark feeling with everything i've got. My script is going pretty well (for a personal project). It's a good thing you stay creative, it's important for people like us to express ourselves, to have a creative outlet. Keep fighting brother, i know you can do it. Oh, and by the way...the doodles are pretty awesome actually. ;)

  4. Hi Tim, Sorry to hear you haven’t been doing to great recently it gets hard for us all at times but it’s great to hear your script is coming along you are so right about people like us needing that creative outlet my friend.