Thursday, 6 May 2010

10 ways to kill your blog

You would think that the last thing a person who is massively depressed and bored by his own existance would feel the unbearable compulsion too necessitate his day to day life but hey what else does the depressed and bored have too do?

With my busy life of doing nothing, getting up at the crack of lunch time and having numerous seizures I forgot to get the right to a postal vote and when I was going to brave the trip to the local primary school polling station I felt to dizzy to go. The rest of the household headed out leaving myself, my Gran (who had remembered to get a postal vote) and the dog behind, moments later I had a seizure and fell over the banister landing heavily (see pictures on site for reasons) on the staircase. When I came too I was left completely breathless and badly bruised but thankfull that this happened at home and not in front of a group of hesitant voters.

The reason I decided to entitle this entry '10 ways to kill your blog', was a rather simple one to grab your attention and then hopefully hold onto it with this rather personal of blog entries. I do have one tip to avoid killing your blog and here it is:

Don't write for anyone other than yourself, don't tailor make your blog for what you believe to be it's target audience and just write what you want to write about and if you don't get the big numbers at least you will have appeased your own inner reader.

Those people who tell you that this is a business and you've got to write about this and have that widget, you know what I say screw 'em and just be yourself.

Thanking you
The Housebound Writer

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