Saturday, 8 May 2010

Introducing the sidekick

I thought now was as good a time as any to introduce my sidekick Oscar to my blog, you might be wondering why I refer to him as my sidekick well that's easy he follows me around the house all day long, if I'm lying in bed not well enough or too depressed to get up he is lying on the bed with me.

When I have my seizures he runs to find someone and barks at them and leads them to my location just like Lassie or the Littlest Hobo would on TV.

The difference between Oscar and Lassie or the Littlest Hobo is Oscar is nuts! Now I don't mean nuts in a funny way I mean nuts full stop. He will attack the ironing board when it is brought out of the cupboard, he will attack your feet when you get up to answer the phone. He rips the mail to pieces if you don't shut him in another room when you go to collect it, he barks for ages when someone visits the house who he has never seen before and so on.

He's simply just nuts but the truth be known I wouldn't have him any other way. I don't want a well trained Lassie or Littlest Hobo when I can have a nutball Oscar who is after all an incredibly loyal pet and a great friend, also did I mention he's completely nuts!


  1. Oh Gosh! He's sooooo beautiful!! I love dogs, I have 4 - a mongrel, a Lab, a shih tzu and a Pinscher. I'm trying to convince my mother to let me bring a Golden Retriever, a Dalmatian and a Border Collie home. =$ She won't possibly agree on that in this life, but you can't blame me for trying. =))))

    Cheers. =*