Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Four Day Gap

I haven't blogged since Thursday which for me is a long time so here goes nothing, well something at least. The reason behind the four day gap is simple really I was to depressed to write anything, stupid really as writing is what breaks my low mood and calms my depression to a point at which I am somewhat functional.

It feels a lot like I'm just whining you know poor me, poor me but I'll try to get back on track hopefully by putting these words to paper er I mean to screen I'll be able to break the current cycle. I find writing helps me a lot when it comes to coping with depression or at least letting me escape my head for a while, be it allowing me to write about the latest movie news and rumours or permitting me to bitch loudly in a quiet fashion and importantly it also lets me keep my eye in for writing my screenplays, play, short stories etc...

I'll keep this blog short and sour and hopefully the next entry will be a little more entertaining or at least about entertainment news.

Thanking You

The Housebound Writer


  1. I wouldnt mind another short story : )

  2. Don't worry about it mate. I know exactly what you mean. You are so restless, trying to create something but nothing seems to come out. I've been experiencing the same thing with my CGI art. Hope you find your way soon (take your time) and good luck!

  3. Andrew, come and talk to me. Are you on MSN? I'm not exactly a clown circus, but if you're online we can chat and I could be some stupid distraction. When I feel angry, sad or depressed, it helps me talking to someone about nothing, just for the sake of being.

    Take care and smile, sweetie.

    Thanks again for your lovely comments back on my blog.

    Kiss your cheeks. =*

  4. Andrew-every writer needs some time off from writing. Better if it's a free thing rather than an obligation. I think it's all a matter of gaining momentum for another leap forward. I'm sure you'll be back in the swing in no time.

  5. Fighting depression is so personal, yet many people do just that. Fight it. So you can either wallow in it or kick it in the arse. I suggest the latter and write, write write your way out of depression. You can do it just by writing. Cheers!

  6. Andrew,
    Take your time. Let's take it as it is and accept it: We are not "performance machines" we're humans. And that is the beauty of it. Pressures and fear are just perceptions and illusions. Writing is a way to transform our perceptions, it's an experience; there is no good or bad, just incredible opportunities to realize that being ourselves IS the path. Look forward to your next post. Cheers

  7. Hi Andrew,

    Sorry you had a rough few days. be gentle with yourself, when you are down, accpet that you are down and know that it will eventually pass. It would be a miserable world if every day was brilliant sunshine, we need the rain, the clouds and the wind so we really can value the sunny days.

    Kind Regards.