Thursday, 13 May 2010

Kurt is Undying

As I have not blogged about any movie news recently I thought I should add this news. Kurt Russell will be turning detective in new supernatural thriller UNDYING. Penned by Book of Eli scripter Gary Whitta, the film will focus on Kurt's character gumshoe Virgil Lone who is dragged into a surreal underground world when he takes a case from a mysterious woman named Delia. (not Delia Smith)
This sounds a lot like Alan Parker's 1987 movie Angel Heart which starred a fresh faced Mickey Rourke and the great Robert DeNiro. This doesn't bother me as I actually enjoyed this movie for all it's flaws and because I am a massive fan of Mr. Russell and always look forward to his next film sometimes disappointed by the outcome although never by the performance.

What I would love though would be for this film to reunite him with the man who brings the best performances out of him, that man being John Carpenter. This genre is one they could have a lot of fun exploring and the resulting film would be no doubt awesome. This though is unlikely as JC's plate is pretty full with his film THE WARD in post production and he has three other projects slated in for between 2011and 2012.

The only thing that could make this work out is the fact that Kurt Russell is rumoured to be starring alongside Adrian Brody in Rupert Wainwright's WACO, a film retelling the 1993 stand off between the U. S Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and Branch Davidian cult leader David Koresh. So fans of this duo can only hope.

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  1. Undying? Living forever? Sounds interesting, hehe...

  2. Waco...have I got a Waco story for you. For a time I lived on Andros an island in the Cyclades. There was a wee taverna type place called Scirroco, after the winds that blow in occasionally. tun by a guy called Louie, and a large mother earth type fugure Belinda, and American.Later in life being a ski rep in Colorado around the time of Waco, there she was on National TV, as her son was in THAT compound and a part of the sect...gobsmakcked I was gobsmacked. Just thought Id share.
    As always, interesting post. I like some of JCs work, and look forward to his latest opuses (or is that opus 'i')
    James James

  3. I'm not a massive fan of him but i did like his movie that i forgot the was so long ago.
    But i watched my bro dvd..great:)