Sunday, 13 June 2010

Just created a chatterbox for the blog so you can voice your collective opinions about whatever is being posted about or whatever is on your minds and I'll respond to it. Made this decision after a brief online conversation with a fellow blogger by the name of Jonas Widlund (hope I spelled that right Jonas) who says it's a great way to keep in contact with the visitors to your blog as like me he feel the comments page is for the visitor not the host to comment on. I had looked into creating one before but am not computer savvy enough to start tinkering with the programming of the blog but this chatterbox was a copy and paste one so that works well for me, that's my limit when it comes to this sort of thing.
In other news not like the above is news or this is to be honest but bare with me, in other news I have been approached recently from someone I haven't spoken to in months. His name is Robert Greening and he used to be the administrator of a very successful website named Screenwrite4life where new and experienced screenwriters alike would gather together to showcase their most recent scripts for feedback (sometimes good, sometimes bad) from the rest of the community.

Every February there was a competition, open only to introduced screenwriters which was chaired by three professional screenwriters and a script consultant. This year (the last competition ever) I finished first runner up to a writer who a month later sold his winning script for a six figure sum to a major Studio. It was the last competition as somebody only a few weeks later hit the site with a virus bomb and an unbelievable amount of spam which wiped the site of all content and also recked some of the visitors to the site's computers. Robert decided the hassle of bringing back the site was to much and that was that until now. He recently contacted me to inform me that he had been hired by a Smallish Production Company with a penchant for making Horror movies, in the role of an Executive (one of those guys likes me) and had gained the trust of his bosses.

He had used this new found trust to show some of the screenplays that had featured on his site around the company and apparently one of my old script had gathered some attention. "Could you get over to LA if I set up a meeting?" Rob asked. No but thanks for the opportunity buddy was the only answer I could give, in my current medical condition I couldn't spend that much time couped up on a plane. This I thought was the end to it but later I received another E-Mail.

"Look I wouldn't be able to get you funding for it or anything but what do you think about making an online documentary series about your struggle with illness, your perseverance to try and sell your scripts and writing your blog? It may open some doors for you" He asked. Honestly ........No, I don't think I could, for it to be a proper documentary I would have to open up my psychotherapy sessions to a camera and that I could not do even if I were the camera man and I couldn't thrust a camera in the face of my family for my own career advancement.

But then again maybe I'm over thinking it, so I decided to get your thoughts on the topic. Should I film some stuff and see what it's like? What would be the right kind of content to show? What would be the wrong kind of content to show? Should a documentary only be made to document world events, political analysis or social and ethical quandary? Or am I right to keep my counselling sessions private as they are intended? I'll listen to all comments from you guys and then take it from there.


Thanking you
The Housebound Writer


  1. Anonymous14 June, 2010

    Quite frankly you strike me as person with a real story to tell, your obviously talented and its unfortunate about the medical issues. I would vote go with the documentary, you never know. I would imagine that the more you show, as in emotion ringing, the better, I don’t think you could ever really show too much. I don’t think documentaries should be made about whatever is found to be interesting and I would bet that your tale falls into that.

  2. This is the first time visiting your site and without knowing anything about you and your illness, but from someone who is in your position, dealing with a medical condition, if someone gave me the chance to tell my story about the struggle one goes through when dealing with a medical condition I think I would jump on it. You may be able to help someone else and educate so many people and you could quite possibly make a big difference and in turn I think that satisfaction would help you immensely. But like I said, at this point, I don't know your complete story but I look forward to getting to know you better.