Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Popcorn on the Cob

Time once again for some good old fashioned movie gossip so here we go, first up Lord Of The Rings prequel The Hobbit may have a new director after all. After the financial woes at MGM forced Iconic filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro to relinquish the director's chair this film has been gathering dust but step forward Middle Earth's new champion...... David Yates! Granted to a lot of people this name may not be easily recognisable but he is the director of Order of the Phoenix and the next two (and final two) Harry Potter films so he has a good pedigree with handling big budgets plus he will obviously have Peter Jackson as his Executive Producer and two years worth of pre visualisation and development work by Del Toro to work from.

The only wrinkle in the way of this is Yates has months of post production in front of him for the first of The Deathly Hollows movies before it arrives in November and then again for part two of The Deathly Hollows running through to Summer 2011. I think this will undoubtedly force the Studio's hand and the director's chair will be filled by Alfonzo Cuaron due to his close friendship with Del Toro as the Studio is banking on starting production by the end of this year.

Next news is from 20Th Century Fox looking to get all of it's x-men spin off projects up and running after the success of Wolverine: Origins the gossip mills around Hollywood have been in overdrive and very interesting developments have been discovered regarding the long touted Deadpool movie. With star Ryan Reynolds already signed on to a supposed three picture deal the Studio has been in the market for a director.

The LA Times has done some digging and discovered that Robert Rodriguez has been sent the script to consider, now nothing is set in stone on this one but Internet message boards have been rife with Comic Book fans who are drooling at the mouth at the mere prospect of this coming to fruition. It is promising after all Rodriguez' last two movies, Predators and Machete, have went into production at the Studio but as big a fan of his work as I am I think the Studio will be waiting to see what kind of Bank Predators does at the box office before signing any contracts.

With the disappointing box office numbers for Grindhouse still on the Studio Head's mind Rodriguez will need a hit to get his career back on track. One great bit of news on this subject is that Zombieland writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick have written the latest draft of the script so the humour from the comic should be on show in the film.

Lastly I'd like to clear up a very funny rumour that has gotten slightly out of hand on various message boards out there. The rumour I mention is that of me being approached to write A Nightmare On Elm Street 2 this is not in any way true. I know a lot of message boards out there say I had an interview for the writer's gig via Scype with New Line Executive VP of Development Samuel J. Brown but it is a prank or something I've never had a meeting with New Line or this Samuel J. Brown guy who's name I had to look up online to see if he was a real guy, (he is) the writer of Nightmare On Elm Street 2 is Eric Heisserer who wrote the first film.

I made the mistake of going on one of those boards and saying this because the next day I clicked on it and low and behold there were fifty three replies saying that I only said it to keep it under wraps and that there was some kind of conspiracy and God knows what but it's just a prank by someone who had read my previous spat with the Executive I mentioned on the blog post The Problem With That is part 2.


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  2. Predators is going to be AWESOME! What have you heard about a movie called "The Rum Diary"?

  3. I love the Lord of the Rings (I've read all Tolkien's published books) and can't wait to see the hobbit. =)))))