Saturday, 21 August 2010

And The Winner Is????

Well first off I'd like to thank all you guys for entering into this competition I really enjoyed reading all your entries some of which were great some of which were just well pornographic to be honest yeah I mean you CherryBiscuit, lol, referencing Bad Lieutenant very funny but give a guy some warning before hand. Some came close to winning in fact one in particular was the leading candidate for along time but then I read this one and it blew all the competition away it was that well crafted and the blend of this writer's style and my own worked perfectly which was my main concern with the comp.

My original idea for the prize was to simply post the story here and then a link to the winner's blog but the quality of this writer's work deserves better than that so I will only post a link to her blog where she has posted the story this way you guys will get to experience her work in it's own surroundings and give you the chance to enjoy her other posts while you are there.

So without further adieu the winner of the first Housebound Writer Short Fiction Award is (drum roll) the lovely Ms. Lovy Boheme (standing ovation) here's the link and remember to read her other posts as well you will not be disappointed she is an amazingly talented writer, enjoy.

Thanking You
The Housebound Writer


  1. When are you going to hold another competition??? I want to take part in it!!!!


  2. Hi Kenia I'll probably host another competition at some point I had fun doing it and would be honoured for you to enter.

  3. Bummer, I am so sad I missed this chance. However, I have to say that I really enjoyed Lovy Boheme's writing. I wish you weren't taking a break, but that's just me being selfish. Take care.