Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Stressed outside in

I'll post the winner of the short story competition this weekend so Friday will be the deadline and trust me some of the entries so far have been everything from hilarious to downright creepy, lol, good work guys. Just a short post today to talk about a seminar thing I was at last night I'll post again tomorrow or Thursday with some movie news I have received but can't release the info till Thursday at the earliest.
Last night I was at the first of the series of six of the stress control seminar things I have to attend as part of my psychotherapy treatment. They each last 90 minutes with a ten minute break and how those 90 minutes drag, I'm sure I'll get something out of it but sitting in a room full of stressed out women and being sober is unnerving to say the least, lol. There was literally only my brother, two older guys and me and the rest of the 12 or 14 people there were women I guess not a lot of guys want to admit to being stressed.

Night one is all about stress and what stress actually is apparently it's a mix of anxiety and depression and it can come with sleep problems, panic feelings and anger, sounds about right.

Here's some test questions:
Do you find it hard to relax?
Do you find it hard to stop worrying?
Do you worry about worrying?
Do you brood about the past?
Do you find it harder to get through the day?
Do you find it hard to be cheerful most days?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions then you are suffering from stress, the more yeses the more stress you are under. I could answer yes to them all so I'm way stressed going by this seminar.

Here is what I basically learned:

Stress is not a mental illness.
You won't become mentally ill because of stress even if the stress is severe.
You can't die from stress- no one ever has.
Once stress gets a grip of you, it feeds itself.
You can't cure stress only manage it better.
-Once stress gets a grip:
- Self-confidence drops
- Self-esteem drops
- You feel threat from all sides
- You doubt your ability to cope
- You can't stop your mind racing
- You start to avoid facing up to stress
- Your body reacts easily to stress
- You may feel your back is up against the wall
- You may feel that stress brings out the worst in you
- You feel you can't control you life
So with that said I'll find out ways to cope with these stresses over the next five seminars at least I think that's how it works, lol, the whole thing was quite stressful.

Here's a link to the folk that organise it http://www.glasgowsteps.com/

Thanking You
The Housebound Writer


  1. thanks for this! I think I'm a little stressed, myself, but I don't know what about because it's not like I do anything!

  2. Hi Jessica great to hear from you, it seems a lot of little worries can pile up and stress us out just like any one big concern. With me my stress comes from coping with my illness.

  3. Hi Drew, I'm going to have to think of something we could do to help relax you now let me think what could that be, lol, see you soon big guy.

    Love Emma.

  4. I didn't even realise I was stressed until I said yes to 3 of those questions.. Ahah. :')

  5. Hey Manda, you must be coping with your stress greatly not to notice it then my friend, I find humour the best remedy for all life's stresses.

  6. Hope the seminars help, Andrew. I'm a pretty low stress guy, as you can probably tell from my aphorisms. I seldom worry about anything.

  7. Hey Marty, I'm the complete opposite unfortunately I tend to over think everything.

  8. Stress management! I should probably do something similar, but blech. I'd rather write a short story for your contest that ends on Friday. *goes to look for it*

  9. Hi Lauren, something tells me you can handle stress pretty well already and I'd be honoured if you enter the competition.

  10. Stress used to be my middle name and it's true what you said - stress can't kill you. I'm the living proof of it. lol

    In the past, I've had a lot of stressful moments specially during my young age which led me to harming myself. I ended up having an eating disorder - bulimia and my self-confidence just plummeted. The continuous guilt I always seem to have in me was eating away at my health. The only way I got past that was refocusing. It sounds like a simple solution but it was a lot of hard work and determination.

    I learned the art of meditation through a buddhist friend and through that I manage to get my life back together. I had to teach myself to love me again. I think that was the key to my healing.

    I fervently hope your seminars will make a big difference. With Emma by your side, I know you'll be alright. :)

  11. I'm sorry to hear of your past problems Funkkee it would be hard to guess you have had problems with confidence you have always seemed like a strong confident woman to me which suggests you have conquered you demons my friend. If you ever need someone to talk to about anything I'm always here for you.

  12. I laughed out loud when I read the line, "the whole thing was quite stressful." :)

  13. Hey Rico, always great to hear from you, I through that line in to try and break the seriousness of the post, lol, glad it worked.

  14. Andrew I want to share a band that usually calms me down, you may be familiar with them but I'll give you the name anyway: "Explosions in the sky". They are just perfect. I don't like chillout music at all and what these guys do is instrumental post rock. I hope you enjoy listening.

    Kisses my friend!