Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Lazy Housebound Writer

I've been incredibly lazy when it comes to my blog as of late there again four days between posts and this time it wasn't because of writer's block just a mixture of laziness and the thought that my last post was on Monday rather than Saturday.

I meant my next blog post to be the second of my French cinema reviews I had picked two films to watch "A Prophet" & "Mesrine part 1" to recap on them for the post but I never got around to actually watching them. I've posted movie news a lot more than normal recently which I never actually intended for my blog to be quite this movie heavy but a mixture of breaking news that interested me, some of which I have gotten praise online from other sites for being one of the first to break, and the fact that my health issues are seemingly improving (touch wood) I haven't really had much else to blog about.

I also considered posting a short story I had been working on entitled "False Shadow" but it ran to about 15,000 words and I have a 1, 000/1,500 word limit for my shorts that I post on here as most people wouldn't read a blog post any freaking longer than that, lol, and I couldn't bring myself to make 15 blog posts out of it as it isn't that kind of story. So what to post about, do I give in to the inevitable and write another movie news blog post and give my spin on it or something else?

Competition Time!!!!!!!!
I thought what I'd do was write the first couple of paragraphs of a short story and you guys write the conclusion and I'll pick the best one and post it on this blog along with a link to your blog if you have one, yeah you win nothing other than your story getting posted, lol, woohoo right?

It lacked that new car smell but even at the age of 25 this Mercedes Benz was a new car to Travis. It was the first car he had ever bought and although it may be showing it's age he felt like a million dollars sitting behind the wheel as he watched the coast zip past him as he got lead footed with the accelerator. "Damn it" he thought as he spotted the blue whirl in his rear view, he pulled his car into the nearest lay by and awaited his fated ticket for speeding.

He fished out his documents and awaited the inevitable rap of knuckles against glass and wasn't waiting long. Travis wound down his window and handed his driver's licence over to the awaiting outstreched hand of the officer. 'I know, I know I was speeding I just got a Little bit carried away with my new car.' Travis said in the faint hope that what his Mother always told him to be true, "Honesty is the best policy", but as the officer doesn't respond Travis questioned his own logic maybe keeping stum will serve him better this time.

The officer without warning leans into the Mercedes and retrieves the car keys before strolling back to his car it was at this moment that a sudden shiver stooped through Travis' body as he realised the car parked behind his own wasn't a police car. It was a dark coloured sedan with tinted windows, "Must be an unmarked but aren't there always two cops, where's his partner?" Travis felt a second shiver descend through his body as he realised this guy who now had his ID and car keys was not a cop so what was he?

So in conclusion you write as long or as short a conclusion to this setup as you like and create your own title. I'm interested to see how you guys run with it, will Travis peg it or survive? It's completely up to you guys. Here's the Email address to post your stories to: good luck.

Thanking You
The Housebound Writer


  1. Running a competition on your blog is a really cool idea DB but you shouldn't give yourself such a hard time babes about not posting every day or every two days as I've seen blogs where people haven't posted in months. People realise you have medical and other problems to deal with and are routing for you all the way.

  2. Hey, big guy, we love you whether you post or not. Always a pleasure to see you at the forum. Sorry the US deal fell through, you must be disappointed. Storytelling is not my forte, so I'll opt out on the challenge. Have a great day.

  3. Hi Marty, thanks for the kind words, the US deal would have been good for me creatively and financially but it wasn't to be but I'm happy with my current situation as I'm blessed with great friends like yourself and a great girl so I got nothing to complain about.

  4. Hi Andrew,
    I like this finish the story idea of yours very much but I'm sweaty and grumpy. We are enduring a heat wave as best we can, but I'm so tired from all the visitors (4 remain), and associated activity, and the heat - the relentless heat. So, here I am complaining and not feeling in the least like writing anything. Hopefully, that will change after I drink a tall, cold cranberry juice and take a nap.
    All my best always,

  5. Hi TT, always a pleasure to hear from you, I don't envy your heat wave as I don't function well at all when it's to hot, lol. I hope you feel better after your rest.

  6. Okay, have been and boffed at all this sugar on this comment thread!

    How long do we have to finish this story?

    Also, I need to make you aware that I am a previous winner of the Blue Peter badge circa 1967, for best short story (age category 7 - 9)about the Blue Peter pets. My story was entitled "Petra has an Adventure". You may have read it. Indeed, if you would like to purchase the screen rights, we can discuss.

    I felt it only fair to declare my semi-professional literary status. Does this exclude me?

  7. Hi, all are welcome to enter the competition my friend the closing date is now Saturday noon to allow time for our American friends to enter with the time difference.