Saturday, 7 August 2010

Mixed bag part 3

Well it's time for another mixed bag collection of random not linked at all stories from Hollywood and elsewhere.

Movie News

Kane & Lynch has now gone into production after several false starts and a couple of Actor changes. The computer game adaptation is likely to be a Summer 2011 smash hit which may surprise those not aware of the game. Most Video game adaptations well they suck to be perfectly blunt but this one is different for two reason, reason 1= The perfect casting of Bruce Willis to play Kane and reason 2= The weird left field casting of Jamie Foxx to play Lynch a part many considered destined for Steve Buscemi or Billy Bob Thornton as the character is completely nuts.

Here's the little plot the game has, two death row inmates, one a mercenary named Kane the other a schizophrenic named Lynch, escape during a prison transport and team up to steal a fortune, I said it was a little plot, lol. The film will be Directed by F. Gary Gray who previously Directed Law Abiding Citizen, The Italian Job (crap remake) A Man Apart, The Negotiator and Be Cool and is written by relative newcomer Kyle Ward who's other credits include the yet to be filmed Hitman 2 and the Lionsgate project Deal With The Devil.
In other Movie news Brian J. Conroy's directorial debut "Darkened Bloom" is finally ready to go into production after 7 months of stalled starts after his original financial backer and distributor disowned the project after he rejected to recast the lead actor after they demanded it. Now what could this actor of done that's so bad that a financier would back out I hear you not say well I'll tell you anyway, after all look at actors like Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen, Eddie Murphy, Kiether Sutherland have all done things that would jeopardise them if they worked in any other profession well Conroy's lead actor's brother was suspected of terrorism.
He was found innocent but apparently as this guy is his brother the financiers wanted him replaced but Brian being Brian held his ground and now after finding new financiers he is ready to start shooting in Austin Texas so if your from those parts feel free to find the set and tell him AC sent you, lol, he's a cool guy and all you Texans should be proud of him.
Football (soccer) News
East Fife 3-3 Airdrie United
Well the Scottish Football Second Division got officially underway today and the recently relegated beloved club of yours truly faced the stern test of playing East Fife not stern because they are a good team no stern because they are a dirty team and the Airdrie United squad featured players as young as 16 years old as the club is so financially strapped they are relying on former Airdrie under 19 youth players and players they have taken on loan from larger clubs who are also under 19. It wasn't the prettiest of games at times and the inexperience of the young players was evident at all of the East Fife goals although ironically it was Airdrie's most senior player Paul Lovering, 34, who sold the 3rd.

But alas with youth comes greater resolve and greater fan support and they battled back from 3-1 down to level the game and come close to winning in the dying minutes. The team left the pitch to uproarious applause from the Airdrie fans something I haven't heard for a long time. So all in all a good game and a great result for the team to build upon.


  1. How did I know you would post about the football result? LOL, great post Drewbear as always especially giving praise to your friend Brian very cool. FYI other commentators Drew did a rewrite on that script for Brian recently that helped get him that funding but Drew wouldn't accept money from a friend that's how sweet he is guys. Love you babes.

  2. Ems you little minx you, lol, I didn't need to do much it was a great script just a wee polish he deserves the full praise for his stance against the moneymen not many would have had the baws to have done that.

  3. Well, by golly, here I am again. A comment for a comment. That's just how I roll. :)

    I'm looking forward to the Kane and Lynch movie. From how you describe it and who's playing what character- it should be a fun, action-packed movie. No guarantees on that prediction, of course, but you would think it. I'm not familiar with the video game and haven't really kept up with the gaming scene, lately.

    I'm afraid I can't comment on the rest of your post because I don't know anything about those topics but the rest of the movie news sounds interesting.

    Anyhooo... Great post, Andrew. Take care.

  4. Hey Kelly good to hear from you buddy you're welcome to visit anytime.